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DAISY Award Recipients

Photo of Daisy award winner Julie Gardner and team

Julie Gardner, RN, Paediatric Consultation Clinic

"Julie has gone above and beyond her job for our family and son." - Eliana, Parent

Photo of Todd Inkila and team

Todd Inkila, RN, 8A

"Thank you so much, we're thankful [for] Todd's being our son's nurse." - Thi, Parent

Past 2016 Winners

  • January: Wendy Humphries RN, 6A/B CCAC Liason
  • March: Silvana Oppedisano Nurse Practitioner G tube
  • April: Vicki Scaini RN, GI Clinic
  • November: Marc Trinidad, 5A Ortho/ENT and Daisy Prits, Operating Room

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