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Clinical Extern Program

The Clinical Extern Program provides the opportunity to put into practice material learned in the classroom in a more autonomous yet supervised nursing position. Externships also allow students to be immersed in the socio-cultural setting of hospitals and understand how nurses work and communicate. The clinical extern position is viewed as a transitional role, whereby students develop clinical expertise, specialty knowledge and self-confidence as they move from a student to a registered nurse role.

As a result of extern programs, nursing students offer skilled assistance to the registered nurse in providing direct patient care, and, with experience and educational support they become excellent candidates for RN recruitment.

The Extern Program at SickKids

At SickKids clinical externs are nursing students who are entering into their final year of studies. Externs are employed by SickKidsl as unregulated health care providers that provide family-centred care to children and families. They assist the registered nurse in order to enhance the functioning of the nursing team and contribute to patient care. An evaluation of our extern program has described the important role that externs have in assisting the registered nurse, important contributions externs make to patient care delivery, and the positive influence that the program has had on role development. Testimonials from SickKids staff who have successfully transitioned from student, to extern to registered nurse roles explain how this program and the support that they receive from preceptors has contributed to their learning and professional development.

Recruitment Process

There are usually two start dates (May and July) both ending in August. The job posting will be live on the SickKids Careers page at the end of February 2019.

Interview Information

Below are two documents you will need to review prior to your interview for the clinical extern position: