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Clinical Externs Application Process

Clinical Extern Program:

General Application 

Q:  Where can I find the Clinical Extern job posting?
A:  If the hospital decides to hire the job posting generally becomes available at the beginning of March and will be posted on the Careers and Volunteering page for a limited time. Instructions on how to apply will be provided on the job posting (i.e. attaching cover letter and resume). Units that will be hiring will also be posted at this time. 

Q:  I am enrolled in the fast-track program, can I apply for this position?
A:   As long you complete the semester before either start date May or July and are entering into your final year in the fall.

Q:  Who do I address the cover letter to?
A:  Please address the cover letter to "Dear Hiring Manager".

Start Dates

Q:  Why are there two start dates?
A: Some schools finish later than others and we wanted to give opportunities to all of our academic partners.  

Q:  When is the contract end date?
A:  Whether your start date is in May or July, most contracts are completed at the end of the summer.

Reference Letters

Applicants are to submit ONE letter of recommendation (see link to form below). Please ensure the referee comments on current qualifications for this position.  

Q:  Is there a standard form to fill out for reference letters?
A: Please have the referee complete the form and submit through email before the application deadline. Click here to download the form. 

Q:  Who should I ask to provide a clinical reference letter?
A:  A current or most recent nursing clinical instructor or preceptor who can comment on your clinical skills.  

Q:  How do I submit my recommendation letter?
A:  It is preferred that the referee send the reference letter to clinical.externs@sickkids.ca with the applicant's  FULL NAME in the subject line.

Q:  Would I still be able to apply if I have not had any paediatric experience?
A: Previous paediatric experience is an asset not a requirement. A recent letter of recommendation from a clinical instructor  who can comment on how your skills can be transferred to a paediatric setting can be submitted.

Q: When will successful candidates be notified?
A: Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted directly by unit managers. Successful applicants should be notified by the end of the first week of April.