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Nursing student orientation

Welcome to nursing at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). Nurses at the hospital strive for excellence in research, practice, education and leadership. This occurs in a variety of ways in a variety of settings.

SickKids values nursing students because you are our future nurses. We endeavour to provide a quality clinical placement experience to all students through the expertise of our dedicated preceptors. You will also have access to a wide variety of resources offered through the SickKids Learning Institute.

This website will introduce you to nursing at SickKids, and will provide you with information that is essential to a successful clinical placement. This online orientation consists of several modules. To navigate through the site click on the tabs on the left side of your screen. Please note that there are certain policies that you will need to review upon commencement of your placement and these are only accessible within the hospital. In addition, a number of online modules require a log into the SickKids Learning Management System (iLearn) with a username and a password that is mailed to each student approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the clinical placement. If you experience a difficulty logging into the password protected modules, please contact the student experience coordinator at learner.hub@sickkids.ca. 

We hope that you enjoy your experience and that you come to love paediatric nursing as much as we do!


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