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Calling a Code Blue

How to Call a Code Blue

The blue button at the nursing station will send out a page to the Code Team as well as to locating, who will then call a Code Blue overhead. Code Blue buttons are also located in patient rooms in the clinical areas. ensure that you are familiar with the location of the Code Blue button.

To call a Code Blue, dial 25 and then give the location of the code. Any phone in the hospital can be used to call 25. When 25 is dialed it will alert locating and they will page the Code team.

Who Responds to a Code Blue?

  • Paediatric Associate: Code Blue Team Leader
  • Anaesthesia Fellow and/or Resident
  • Respiratory Therapist (RT)
  • Paediatric Resident(s)
  • CCU Nurse and CCU Respiratory Therapist
  • Nurse from Critical Care Response Team
  • Fellow from Critical Care Response Team
  • Director or delegate
  • Transporter
  • Protection Services Officer
  • Chaplain

Note: The IV team, Surgical Resident and Cardiac Surgical Fellow do not automatically respond to a Code Blue – they must be paged separately if needed.

Nurses’ Roles

Discoverer Nurse - initiate and continue CPR, responsible for relaying pertinent facts

Resource Nurse - assist with airway management, procedures and equipment

Medication Nurse - assist with the preparation/administration of fluids and medications

Recorder/Nurse in Charge - organize the nursing roles/responsibilities and document arrest events