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Resuscitation Cart

There is a resuscitation or 'crash' cart available on every unit and in all clinic and diagnostic areas.

Unit resuscitation drug boxes are locked at all times to assure their supplies and equipment are available, clean and in good working condition in the event of a Code Blue.

The resuscitation or “crash” cart is stocked in the order of how cardio-respiratory support requirements would progress in a Code Blue situation.

Top of the Resuscitation Cart 


The following items are located on the top of the Resuscitation Cart:

    • Orange Resuscitation Drug Box
    • Resuscitation Record
    • Resuscitation drug dosage guidelines and calculator
    • Portable Suction

Sides of the Resuscitation Cart

Emergency Medications

The objectives of medication administration in pediatric resuscitation are to:

  • decrease hypoxia
  • maintain or restore circulating blood volume
  • stimulate effective myocardial contractions
  • increase heart rate
  • suppress ventricular dysrhythmias
  • correct metabolic acidosis