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Safety at SickKids

Speak up and ask questions

At SickKids, safety always comes first and therefore we encourage everyone to ask questions and perform an extra check. Patients and families are a part of the team at SickKids and valuable partners in ensuring safety. Always encourage patients and families to speak up and listen to their concerns.

Identify patients by an ID Band

Whether you are transporting a patient, administering medication, collecting a specimen or performing a procedure, it is imperative that you always correctly identify your patient.

Communicate effectively

The most important part of teamwork is communication! Inadequate communication often leads to safety risks for patients, staff and visitors. One easy rule to remember is to ask -, "Who should know about this?“


The patient's health record is the place for documenting patient information and care. Documenting key facts clearly ensures that all members of the health care team have access to this information. Remember that electronic information, images and reports are also part of the health record.

Familiarize yourself with the expected safety behaviours

Review the online learning module Caring Safely: Error Prevention for clinical staff to familiarize yourself with the expected safety behaviours and associated tools. You will need to log into the hospital learning management system with your user id.

Complete a safety report 

Complete a safety report for any actual or potential events involving patients, families, staff or visitors regardless of whether or not the event resulted in harm. Access the Safety Reporting System from the hospital intranet home page (my.sickkids.ca).