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Safety at SickKids

Safety at SickKids

To ensure a safe environment:

  • Wear your ID Badge at all times
  • Ensure personal and hospital property is safe
  • Complete safety risk reports
    • whether they relate to actual or potential incidents. This allows us to learn what may have contributed to these situations and therefore improve the way things are done. The safety reporting system is available internally and can be accessed via a link on KidWeb

Maintain confidentiality

  • Do not discuss patient information in areas where you can be overheard
  • Discard all reports with patient information in the confidential red bins
  • Do not store patient information in areas where others can access it
  • Do not share your KidCare or other passwords with anyone. Always log off computer systems in common areas after you use them

Identify patients by an ID Band

Whether you are transporting a patient or administering medication, it is imperative that you always correctly identify your patient.

Communicate effectively

The most important part of teamwork is communication! Inadequate communication often leads to safety risks for patients, staff and visitors. One easy rule to remember is to ask, "Who should know about this?“


The patient's health record is the best method to communicate patient information and to reflect the care that has been provided. Documenting key facts clearly and appropriately ensures that all members of the health care team have access to this information. Remember that electronic information, images and reports are also part of the health record.

Speak Up and Ask Questions

At SickKids, safety always comes first and therefore we encourage everyone to ask questions and make extra checks. Patients and families are a part of the team at SickKids. They are valuable partners in ensuring safety. Always encourage them to speak up and listen to their concerns.