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Module 2: Clinical Care

This module focuses on the assessment and treatment of the paediatric patient at SickKids. In it you will be introduced to paediatric physical assessment, using a head to toe approach. You will also learn about paediatric vital sign norms, continuous electronic monitoring. You will review medication administration guidelines, medication calculations. Intravenous therapy will be discussed as well as formulas for maintenance fluid calculation. You will also learn about hydration assessment and factors that can contribute to dehydration and fluid overload. Feeding of the infant and toddler including breast feeding will also be reviewed. You will be introduced to the various oxygen delivery devices available at SickKids and review documentation standards specific to SickKids.

Throughout this module there will be references to SickKids policies and procedures. Please note that these policies and procedures are only available internally and will need to be reviewed in their entirety as soon as you begin your placement.