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Nursing student roles and responsibilities

The following behaviours are expected of nursing students:

  • Respects the safety and well-being of patients
  • Recognizes limits of knowledge, skills, and judgement
  • Understands and clarifies own role in the provision of care 
  • Is accountable for the quality of care provided within the established objectives
  • Uses clear, accurate and effective communication
  • Identifies need for and obtains appropriate supervision
  • Notifies educator if not achieving objectives 
  • Follows SickKids policies, procedures and principles

Students are permitted to:

Perform controlled acts authorized to nursing if they meet all three criteria:

  • Have been taught by their faculty, preceptor or Nurse Educator
  • Have the knowledge, skill and judgment to perform them as determined by their preceptor or faculty member
  • Are supervised by a member of the nursing staff at SickKids or their faculty member

Students are not permitted to:

  • Perform delegated medical acts
  • Act as a witness under any circumstances or for any purpose
  • Provide second signature/check for controlled drugs, blood products, breast milk, and medications listed as requiring independent double checking, double signing and documentation
  • Provide telephone advice for discharged families
  • Take verbal or telephone orders
  • Be left in sole charge of  any patient
  • Transport patients alone when the presence of an RN is required
  • Perform controlled acts without close supervision by an RN

Upon beginning your placement, you are required to read the related policy on the hospital Intranet: Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate, Certificate and Refresher Nursing Students


SickKids Policies and Procedures: Faculty, Undergraduate and Graduate, Certificate and Refresher Nursing Students