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Nursing Scholarship Program

SickKids Nursing and SickKids Foundation support life-long learning for SickKids nursing staff. Assisting the advancement of nursing is an investment that will expand the scope and depth of nursing practice and support the hospital strategic plan to advance as a paediatric academic health science centre.

The Nursing Scholarship Fund provides financial support to qualified nurses who are pursuing academic education. New roles for nurses at The Hospital for Sick Children are continually developing. Ongoing education at any level is essential to prepare nurses for future roles.

Nurses prepared at the Baccalaureate and Graduate levels are necessary to provide professional nursing care to clients in a tertiary and quaternary care, academic health science centre. Nurses advancing their education in nursing and related health-care fields develop the knowledge and skills to be critical members of the interdisciplinary team. The integration of research and education into clinical practice can be facilitated by increasing the complement of nursing professionals with Baccalaureate and Graduate education, particularly when these nurses provide care in the inpatient and ambulatory areas.

Application Process

Please read all of the following instructions carefully. This is a self-administered application process. You are required to assemble all relevant documentation. The transcripts and letters of reference which you receive in sealed envelopes are confidential and are to be opened only by the Nursing Scholarship Program Committee. All application material is to be submitted together in a sealed envelope. All material will be kept confidential and will be reviewed only by members of the selection committee. 

Please submit only ONE original of all documents including the confidential letters from referees and official transcripts (NO photocopies).

It can take time to obtain some documents, please allow sufficient time to allow for transcripts and reference letters to be included in the application package. If you are unable to obtain copies of your documents because of unusual circumstances, you will need to contact Tracy DeSantis at least one week prior to the deadline date.

If your name has changed from the one on supporting document(s), please submit a copy of supporting documentation for the change (e.g. marriage certificate, or change of name certificate).

Acceptance of a Nursing Scholarship precludes application to the (SCPDF) Staff Continuing Professional Development Fund.

Please ensure that your application and all supporting documents are received in a sealed envelope by:

Friday June 9, 2017 

*Applications must be received no later than 3 p.m. 


Applications can be mailed to:

Att: Tracy DeSantis
Nursing and Interprofessional Education, 
Hospital for Sick Children 555 University Ave.
Toronto, Ontario. M5G 1X8


Or  hand delivered to:

Att: Tracy DeSantis
Suite 600
525 University Ave
For further information please call (416)-813-6941


Application Requirements

Please read the following carefully

All applicants must ensure that all the following required documentation is included in their application package. All applications must be placed in a large sealed envelope for submission.
Please note that only completed applications will be accepted.


Please prepare a formal, detailed resume in including your educational background, employment history, skills, interests and accomplishments, including volunteer positions.


On One (1) page, using 12pt font, address the following 3 points:

  • Clearly outline your career goals emphasizing the rationale for undertaking this program of study
  • Indicate how you will use this program to enhance your nursing career at Sick Kids
  • Indicate the potential contribution of the program to the health of paediatric patients and their families.

Please include your full name and signature at the bottom of the page.

Official Transcripts

*Transcripts must accompany all applications whether your program has begun or not. Any applications submitted without previous transcripts will not be considered.

If you are currently registered in a program we require official transcripts as cited below. Transcripts must be sealed and signed by the registrar. *Internet transcriptions are acceptable only for in course progress reports.

The list below details what is expected based on the program you are undertaking:

  • Baccalaureate Program: Transcripts of a diploma program, certificates and Internet or official transcripts of academic course work completed to date in ongoing program
  • Master Program:  Transcripts of a baccalaureate program and current online or official transcripts of academic course completed to date in ongoing program
  • Doctoral Program: Transcripts of most recent completed degree and current online or official transcripts of academic course work completed to date in ongoing program
  • Nurse Practitioner Program: Transcripts of Masters (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner) or Baccalaureate program (Primary Care Nurse Practitioner) and any current transcripts of academic course work completed to date in ongoing program

If you have been accepted into a program but have not yet started, please include a copy of the letter of ‘Offer of Admission’ indicating that you have been accepted into a program of study.


Three (3) confidential reference letters are mandatory

  • One (1) reference is to be prepared by your CHS Director/ or delegate
  • One (1) academic reference (if you do not have a current academic reference in the last 5 years please contact Tracy DeSantis to review other options)
  • One (1) clinical reference

Download Nursing Scholarship Application Here