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APN Performance Review Process


This performance review instrument is designed to assist advanced practice nurses (APNs) to systematically evaluate their role development and performance on a number of important behaviours. Professional behaviours are described on a continuum, reflecting an evolution from novice to expert practice. The instrument is designed to reflect incremental growth in practice and expectations, identify strengths, and highlight areas for potential growth using quantitative feedback, exemplars, and comments. It is likely that APNs will excel in different domains of practice from year to year, depending on personal objectives. For example, it is not the expectation that APNs be highly proficient in all domains simultaneously.

In order to ensure a well-rounded perspective, feedback from interdisciplinary colleagues is essential.

Goals of the Review Process

  • Promote reflection and self assessment of current level of practice
  • Share information from peers and other team members to aid in professional growth
  • Provide guidance and direction for growth and support for goal attainment.
  • Identify obstacles to goal attainment and develop problem solving strategies
  • Celebrate progress

Review Process

Interdisciplinary Review

The APN will:

  1. Access the tool that correctly addresses his/her practice (CNS or NP)
  2. Attach additional information and/or documentation to the tool to assist interdisciplinary reviewers in the process. Documentation may include:
    1. List of procedures/interventions you wish to be reviewed (as per #4 Technical Proficiency)
    2. Copies of approved medical directives
    3. Copy of self review
    4. Previous year’s objectives and review
    5. Objectives identified for coming year
  3. Distribute APN Review Tool (CNS or CNS-NP) to three colleagues from at least two different disciplines. One of your reviewers must be a CHS Director (or designate). Ensure that you include your name on the front page in the instructions section and a date for return (suggested time frame = two weeks) on each tool distributed.
  4. Ask that all peer reviews be returned to Mary McAllister, Associate Chief of Nursing, Practice, Black Wing, Room # 2405, Collaborative for Professional Practice

Self Review

The APN will:

  1. Evaluate his/her practice compared to the behaviors outlined for each category. Behaviours must be consistently demonstrated in order to be assessed within a given category. Comments and exemplars are encouraged at the end of each category.
  2. Include an updated C.V.
  3. Attach a list of continuing education (internal & external) involvement.
  4. Review existing goals from prior year and provide evidence of attainment or progress.
  5. Develop goals and strategies for the coming year in keeping with hospital and program strategic directions.
  6. Forward all materials (including self and interdisciplinary reviews) to Associate Chief, Nursing Practice at least one week prior to scheduled performance review appointment.

Formal Review and Summary Process

A meeting will be coordinated by the Associate Chief, Nursing Practice to discuss the results of the review

Those attending the meeting shall include:

  • Associate Chief, Nursing Practice
  • Affiliated Child Health Services Director
  • Advanced Practice Nurse

During the meeting, results of the review will be discussed and summarized. Past and future objectives of the APN will be reviewed.

The APN will negotiate with the Associate Chief, Nursing Practice and CHS Director who will receive a copy of the final summary of the review (e.g. Medical Director). At a minimum, the Associate Chief, Nursing Practice, CHS Director and APN will receive a copy of the summary.

The Associate Chief, Nursing is responsible for summarizing and distributing the final summary of the review process within four weeks of the meeting. The summary will include the following:

  • Date summary is written
  • Date of performance review meeting
  • Those in attendance
  • Summary of feedback
  • Signatures of Associate Chief, Nursing Practice and APN
  • Frequency of Peer Review

APNs who are new to an APN role, are introducing an APN role that did not previously exist or are new to The Hospital for Sick Children will be reviewed at three to six months and then annually for three years using the performance review process (as described above).

If annual reviews are deemed satisfactory, full reviews (using the described process) may be completed biannually. In alternate years, an interim review will include submission of an APN self evaluation (using page two of the APN Performance Review Tool) and a current curriculum vitae to the Associate Chief, Nursing Practice. A meeting may be scheduled at the discretion of the Associate Chief, Nursing Practice or may be requested by the APN.

When areas for development or issues of concern are identified during the performance review process, annual reviews will be required as a minimum standard.

Collaborative for Professional Practice