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Nurse Credentialing at SickKids

All nurses employed by SickKids Hospital must have current registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Newly hired nurses must have a valid CNO registration or temporary certificate.

Every year nurses are required to renew their registration with the CNO. The renewal period is usually open from October to Dece​mber. Nursing registrations are verified directly with the CNO through the Automated Annual Verification of Member Renewal (AAVR) yearly in January.

​What do I need to renew my registration?

Yearly registrations are done online and consist of two elements:

1) online renewal form; and
2) payment of annual fee

Your status is not renewed until both elements are complete. Please visit CNO Membership Renewal​ to renew your registration.

When should I renew my registration?

SickKids nurses are strongly encouraged to renew their registration prior to Dec. 31 to avoid late costs. The CNO suspends members for non-renewal of registration by Feb. 19.

I will not be practicing for the calendar year. Do I still need to renew my registration?​

If you will be on leave of absence, such as a maternity leave of absence and you will not be practicing nursing for the calendar year, you are still required to renew your CNO registration if you do not wish to be suspended for non-payment of fees.  

I have a temporary registration.

Please forward a copy of the email from the CNO with your temporary registration number to Jessica Kennedy​ in order for HR records to be updated. Once you receive notification of your registration in the General Class please notify Jessica Kennedy and speak with your manager to initiate the HR pay rate change form.

​What happens if I don't complete the renewal form on time?

"A member who does not complete the online renewal form and pay the fees by Dec. 31 will receive a Notice of Intent to Suspend, and will be given 30 days to pay the required fees, plus any additional late fees that apply, and complete the renewal form.

If the member has not paid the fees and completed the form within those 30 days, then the member will then be suspended and given another 30 days to provide all outstanding fees and information. After those 30 days, the nurse's membership with the College will be revoked.  

Anyone whose membership has been revoked because of their failure to complete the renewal process will have to meet the requirements for reinstatement and pay additional fees if they wish to resume practising in Ontario."

For more information, please visit CNO Membership Renewal​

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