Burns, Plastic Surgery and Ophthalmology

Nurses are an integral and respected part of the burn plastic surgery and ophthalmology unit’s interdisciplinary team. It is recognized that as the caregiver by the bedside, the nurse’s contributions to patient assessment and to the patient plans of care are fundamental. Primary nursing is the patient care delivery model practiced on the unit and it enhances the nurses’ ability to contribute meaningfully to the patient plan of care.

Nurses on the burns, plastic surgery and ophthalmology unit develop skills in working with children of all ages (newborn to 18 years) and develop expertise in managing surgical patients, both elective and emergent. Examples of the kinds of plastic surgery patient populations familiar to the unit are cleft lip and palate, craniofacial, hand and foot reconstruction, arteriovenous malformations and muscle, nerve or skin grafts.

The unit’s burn population enables our nurses to become experts in wound care, post sedation and pain management. The management of epidurals and PCA pumps is a common part of the units nursing work. A Satellite Anaesthesia program on the unit allows the patients who must undergo painful procedures to receive anaesthetic and/or sedating drugs in a safe environment and the nurse is a key player in the delivery of this unique hospital service.

The opportunity to nurse plastic surgery and craniofacial patients in the Overnight Intensive Care Unit (OICU) provides variety and continued professional development. Work in the Plastic Surgery Clinic is also available to nurses. A variety of supports are available to new staff both during and after a comprehensive orientation. Resource supports include Clinical Leaders, Clinical Support Nurses, a Clinical Nurse Specialist, a program Nurse Practitioner, and a Clinical Nurse Educator. Continued professional development is encouraged and supported through frequent educational in-services, journal club, opportunities to teach in orientation classes and to act as a preceptor to new staff. Conference attendance around the world is also supported and encouraged.

Finally, flexible scheduling allows staff nurses to plan both their personal and professional lives. This enhances a healthy, happy work-life. The burns, plastic surgery and opthomology unit is truly a wonderful place to work! contact us and we’d be happy to arrange some time for you to get to know us.