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Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

Programs and Services

Visual Electrophysiology Unit (VEU)

Orthoptists, technologists, ophthalmologists and scientists in the Visual Electrophysiology Unit work together to provide vision function testing to help in the diagnosis of many different eye problems. These tests include electroretinograms (ERG) and electro-oculograms (EOG), which tell us how well the retina is working and visual evoked potentials (VEP), which tell us how well the visual messages gets from the eye to the brain. These tests tell us how well a child can see, help decide if a child or another family member has a retinal problem, and over time follow any changes in vision.

Director of the VEU: Dr. Ajoy Vincent 

Ophthalmic Imaging Unit (OIU)

The Ophthalmic Imaging Unit uses specialized imaging devices to help diagnose and document changes in eye problems. Some devices are made specifically for a particular anatomy of the eye while others are capable of imaging a variety of anatomical structures.

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