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Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

Our Physicians

Staff Ophthalmologists  |  Fellows, Residents & Trainees

An ophthalmologist is a fully licensed medical doctor who specializes in medical and surgical eye problems. Each clinic is held under the supervision of a staff ophthalmologist. They assess and explain your child’s eye condition and discuss a plan of care (i.e. follow-up, order testing, surgery etc.). They can also determine if your community physician can see you.  

Our staff physicians hold various positions at the University of Toronto's  Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences, as seen below.  Click on the Directory links below to learn more about each physician's research activities, publications and achievements.




Working in collaboration with our staff physicians are other licensed physicians - either training or trained in Ophthalmology -  including trainees, fellows and residents. See definitions below to learn more.

Residents are licensed doctors training to be ophthalmologists. During their intensive training, residents work at different hospitals associated with their university for a few months at a time.

Fellows are fully licensed medical doctors who have already been trained as ophthalmologists. The term is used for both male and female doctors. They are here to gain more experience in the treatment of pediatric eye problems. Read about SickKids current Ophthalmology's fellows.

Every doctor goes through years of medical training in order to specialize. The trainees here in the Eye Clinic are fully licensed doctors who have chosen Ophthalmology as their specialty and are dedicated to diagnostics, treatment and research under the supervision of our top-notch physician staff.

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