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Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

Patients and Families

Welcome to our Patients and Families page. We hope this page will answer many of your questions and concerns. In turn we hope to hear from you for feedback as well. Below are some great links to help make your visit or stay with SickKids as easy as possible.

Resources & Helpful Links


 AboutKidsHealth.ca is a great resource for health information, written by SickKids specialists. 

Check out the AboutKidsHealth Eye Clinic Learning Hub for more information about eye conditions, eye care and more.

The Family Centre

The SickKids Family Centre is centre is located in SickKids on the main floor around the corner from Shoppers Drug Mart. Staff at the centre provides medical, health, safety and child-raising information. They also provide access to the Internet, fax, photocopying and telephones. Patients and parents are welcome to visit.

Coming for Surgery

You may have just been told that your child needs to have surgery, or a procedure or test such as an MRI scan, under general anesthesia.  Please remember that all of us at SickKids will be available to guide you through this process and assist you in any way we can, so that you can best support your child. Visit Coming for Surgery.

Additional Services

Frequently asked questions

Visit the FAQ page for more.