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Division of Orthopaedics

Patients and families

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Welcome to our Patients and Families page. We hope this page will answer many of your questions and concerns. In turn we hope to hear feedback from you as well. Below are some great links to help make your visit or stay with SickKids as easy as possible.


A Child Life Specialist provides therapeutic play programs designed to reduce stress and help patients cope with hospitalization. They help prepare children for medical and surgical procedures and much more. Read more.


Are you or your child coming to have surgery? Learn more on Coming for Surgery such as:

    • Pre-Operative Appointment
    • Pre-Operative Preparation Program
    • Coming to Surgery Video Tour
    • Talking to my children about surgery


This website is full of great resources about bone health, caring for your cast and much much more. Click on Health A-Z for information on many useful health topics. For example, you can browse topics such as:


Visit the Research activities page to find the answers to common concerns and questions such as:

    • Does my child have to participate in a research study?
    • Who is performing the study?
    • Who is paying for the study?
    • What is being tested for in this study?
    • Will regular care be a part of the study?
    • As part of the study, will my child be given treatments or tests that are outside of their regular care?
    • What are the risks or side effects of being in the study?
    • Are there any benefits to being in the study?
    • How long will the study last?
    • Will there be any extra trips to the hospital if my child is involved in a research study?
    • Will my family be paid if my child participates in a research study?
    • Who will see my child’s health or research information?
    • How do I finally decide to participate?
    • Are there any alternatives to being involved in the study?
    • Can I change my mind about my child’s participation in the study?

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