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Musculoskeletal Tumour Clinic

The team that manages musculoskeletal tumours in children includes an orthopaedic oncologist, plastic surgeons, medical oncologists, nurse practitioners, diagnostic and interventional radiologists, pathologists, physiotherapists, social workers, clinic nurses and administrators. We run a multidisciplinary musculoskeletal tumour clinic where we evaluate and expedite work-up of potentially malignant bone and soft tissue tumours. 

Referrals are quickly processed.

Following thorough structural and functional imaging, a biopsy is often performed. Those tumours requiring chemotherapy are treated as per a Children’s Oncology Group protocol where possible. Those tumours requiring surgery are treated with intralesional, marginal or wide resection, based on the grade of tumour. Limb-sparing reconstructive procedures are usually possible. 

We aim to maximize function and undertake biological reconstruction with living tissue where possible, often in collaboration with our plastic microvascular surgery colleagues. Reconstruction with state-of-the-art endoprosthetic implants is an alternative approach we utilize. Our group collaborates with the adult musculoskeletal group based at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital, across the road,  both of which facilitate the transition to adult care.

Donate tissue samples for research