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Division of Orthopaedics

How to make a referral


  • Only referrals from physicians will be accepted.
  • Send your referral via ARMs, our on-line Ambulatory Referral Management System. Learn more about the ARMs system.
  • All referrals for scoliosis must include a X-ray report indicating the Cobb angle measurement(s) of the curve(s). Children who have not had spinal x-rays should be sent for a 3 ft standing spine, AP and Lateral film. The X-ray report should be included with the referral. Degrees of curvature are required for the triage process.
  • New fractures require immediate attention and should be directed to Emergency.
  • Urgent referrals (e.g. malignant tumours, slipped capital femoral epiphysis) should be marked as URGENT. You may alert the clinic nurses of an urgent referral by phone 416-813-5007, or by pager 416-582-0797 from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please ensure that families bring the hard copies of all x-rays and other imaging (e.g. MRI, bone scan, CT scan), and copies of lab results to their appointment.
  • Referrals for minor variants of normal orthopaedic development (e.g. in-toeing, toe walking, out-toeing, genu valgum, genu varum) will be triaged and referred to satellite clinics.