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Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery


Newborn with large cervico-mediastinal mass causing complete airway obstruction. Resection of mass showed benign teratoma of thyroid gland.

Figure 1. CT scan showing large teratoma with speckled calcification and compression of airway.

Figure 2. Tumour filling thoracic inlet.

Figure 3. Superior mediastinal involvement.

Figure 4. Patient prepped for surgery.

Figure 5. Tumour exposed showing calcifications. Sternomastoid muscle retracted with penrose drain.

Figure 6. Recurrent nerves identified and preserved. Trachea very malacic


Figure 7. Tumour totally excised.

Figure 8. Histology shows teratoma compressing normal thyroid tissue below.

Figure 9. Pigmented neuroepithelium.

Figure 10. GI epithelium with glands.

Figure 11. Ependymal epithelium.

Figure 12. Chorionic plexi