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General Considerations

Shows the six ossification centers around the elbow joint. Four of these are in the distal humerus, 1 is in the radius, and 1 is in the ulna
FIGURE 2: Ossification Centers

Ossification centers

  • FIGURE 2: the six ossification centres around the elbow joint
  • Four of these are in the distal humerus, one is in the radius, and one is in the ulna

These all appear at different ages (usually but not always at 1-3-5-7-9-11 years) and fuse to adjacent bones at various ages; however, they usually appear in a specific sequence, or C-R-I-T-O-E:

  • Capitellum
  • Radial head
  • Internal (medial) epicondyle
  • Trochlea
  • Olecranon
  • External (lateral) epicondyle

This helps identify if a potential abnormality is an avulsion fragment or a normal ossification centre.