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PEM Ortho X-ray Curriculum

Common Presentations

SH TypePictureInvolvementConsultation
IThrough the physis (P) without any involvement of the metaphysis (M) or epiphysis (E). Fracture lines may not be radiographically evident if the E is not displaced or P is not widened or distorted. Radiographic confirmation of SH-I fractures may be made via seeing new bone formation along the P 7-10 days post-injury.Not required
IIThrough the M and PMay be required
IIIThrough the E and P. Often involve articular surfaces. More prone to chronic disability if anatomic realignment is not achieved.Usually necessary
IVContagious fracture through the E, P and M. Prone to chronic disability.Recommended
VCrush injuries of the P. May be seen as narrowing of P. Often not radiographically visible.Recommended