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PEM Ortho X-ray Curriculum

General Considerations

Fracture Type

TransverseBicortical, perpendicular to bony axis
ObliqueBicortical, angled in comparison to bony axis
SpiralPieces rotated or twisted in relation to one another
AvulsionTendon or ligament pulls off a chip of bone
Hairline or FissureMinimal extension into outer bony layer
Unique to Paediatrics
Buckle or torusOne side of the bone buckles upon itself without disrupting the other side or causing angulation
GreenstickOne side of the fracture has broken and the other is angulated
BowingBending deformity without grossly visible fracture
Salter-Harris (SH)Defined by wether the epiphysis (end of bone), metaphysis (shaft of bone) and/or physis (growth plate) is involved.