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PEM Ortho X-ray Curriculum

Normal Anatomy

When describing fractures common terminology should be used:

    1. X-ray views (standard views (AP and lateral), additional views (e.g. oblique, etc.)
    2. Bone(s) involved
    3. Open or closed injury
    4. Simple (<2 pieces) or comminuted (>2 pieces)
    5. Proximal, mid-shaft or distal element of bone
    6. Angulation of distal aspect compared to proximal pieces
    7. Presence or absence of opposition of distal and proximal pieces
    8. Displacement of distal compared to proximal segment (expressed as percentage or distance of separation or overlap) 
    9. Presence or absence of associated joint dislocation
    10. Extent of associated soft tissue swelling
    11. Presence or absence of joint effusion
    12. Presence or absence of osteochondrosis or osteochondritis (defective bony formation in the epiphysis, e.g. Osgood-Schlatter, Server's disease)