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PEM Ortho X-ray Curriculum

PEM Ortho X-ray Curriculum

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The Knee The Shoulder Lower Leg and Ankle Hip and Femur Forearm Elbow, Part 2 Elbow, Part 1 Cervical Spine, Part 2 Cervical Spine, Part 1
The KneeThe ShoulderLower Leg and AnkleHip and FemurForearmElbow, Part 2Elbow, Part 1Cervical Spine, Part 2Cervical Spine, Part 1

Note: The following Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) x-rays modules are primarily intended for health care faculty and trainees working involved in a emergency department setting.  Please be advised, therefore, that a proper understanding of the nature of the content, use of medical terminology and focus of the curriculum is not directed at other audiences