Selected Abstracts

The following abstracts were selected for platform presentations at the PGPR Symposium “Neonatal Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries”, following an international call. These abstracts are reproduced from with the kind permission of the Pediatric Academic Societies

Penny Dawson, Sudhir Khanal, Robin Houston, Neena Khadka, Vijay Singh GC. Morang Innovative Neonatal Intervention, JSI R&T Inst. Inc., Kathmandu, Nepal; SAVE/US, Kathmandu, Nepal:

Community-Based Management of Neonatal Infections Nepal.

Abstract 5450A.1

Samir K. Saha, Gary L. Darmstadt, Abdullah H. Baqui, Derrick Crook, Shams E.l. Arifeen, A.S.M. N. Ahmed, Maksuda Islam, Kaniz Fatima, M. H. Seraji, Ishtiaq Mannan, K. Z. Hasan, Sanwarul Barul, Saifuddin Ahmed, Syed M. Rahman, Mathuram Santosham, Robert E. Black, PROJAHNMO Study Group. Department of Microbiology, Dhaka Shishu Hospital, Bangladesh; Department of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD; Save the Children-US, Washington, DC; Department of Paediatrics, Oxford University, United Kingdom; Child Health Division, Centre for Population &
Health Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Department of Paediatrics, Kumudini Medical College & Hospital, Mirzapur, Bangladesh:

Etiology of Community Acquired Neonatal Infections in Bangladesh.


P. Panigrahi, S.S. Mohapatra, R.N. Satpathy, L. Pradhan, P.R. Misra, R. Chaudhry, J.G. Morris, J.A. Johnson, I.H. Gewolb, N. Hansen, L. Wright, S.N. Parida. Pediatrics, U of Maryland, Baltimore; Kalinga Hosp; IGH; Capital Hosp, Orissa; AIIMS, Delhi; Mich State Univ, MI; RTI Intl, NC; NICHD, Bethesda; SCB Medical Coll, India:

Causes and Timing of Sepsis and Neonatal Mortality in the Indian Community Setting.


Lim Nyok Ling, National Neonatal Registry. Department of Paediatrics, SelayangHospital, BatuCaves, Selangor, Malaysia; Ministry of Health, Malaysia:

Bacteraemic Blood-Stream Infections (BSIs) in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) in a Developing Country.

Francine Noel, Peter F. Wright, Gyrlande Bois, Marie-Marcelle Deschamps, Patricia de Matteis, Rachelle Cassangnol, Maryse Thimothee, Katucia Celestin, Louise Vaz, Emilio Brignoli, Yuwei Zhu, Warren D. Johnson, Daniel Fitzgerald, Jean W. Pape.
GheskioCenters, Port-au-Prince, Haiti; VanderbiltUniversityMedicalCenter, Nashville, TN; Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY:

Contribution of Bacterial Sepsis to Morbidity in Infants Born to HIV-Infected Haitian Mothers.


Nancy L. Sloan, Salahuddin Ahmed, Nuzhat Chowdhury, Satindra Mitra, Mushtaque Chowdhury, Ubaider Rob. Epidemiology, Columbia University, MSPH, New York, NY; Mitra and Associates, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Country Office, Population Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Community-Based Kangaroo Mother Care To Prevent Neonatal Mortality.

Abstract 5450A.6

Sarah Saleem, Robert L. Goldenberg, Elizabeth M. McClure, Linda L. Wright, Omrana Pasha, Nancy Moss, Dwight J. Rouse. AKU, Karachi, Pakistan; UAB, Birmingham, AL; RTI, Durham, NC; NICHD, Bethesda, MD:

The Feasibility of Using Vaginal/Neonatal Chlorhexidine (CHX) To Reduce Perinatal Infections, Morbidity and Mortality in Pakistan.