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PICH Malaysia

Many PICH trainees and mentors from around the world were in attendance at the International Forum on Pediatric Pain (IFPP) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rebecca Pillai Riddell, Melanie Noel, and Meghan McMurtry organized an interactive PICH training event at the Shangri-La Hotel on the evening of Friday, July 7th.  The workshop was entitled: "Finding the Right Spin: Learning Resilience Before Things Spiral".

The event functioned both as a networking opportunity and as a skill development meeting, and consisted of approximately 60% trainees and 40% faculty mentors. The aim of the workshop was to process each of our own narratives of resilience during our academic journeys and also learn a tip or two to bolster our reserves. Rebecca, Meghan, and Melanie each shared their own stories of (academic) resilience and provided kernels of wisdom based on their own experiences. This was followed by a buffet dinner and a series of round table discussions on topics ranging from juggling work and family life to landing your first job. Trainees chose topics that resonated with them and these discussions were facilitated by mentors. It was a full night of sharing and rich discussion about a topic that touches everyone.