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PICH Webinar Schedule, 2017-2018

2:30 p.m. Atlantic time
1:30 p.m. Eastern time
12:30 p.m. Central time
11:30 a.m. Mountain time
10:30 a.m. Pacific time


February 16, 2018

Presenter: Kathryn Birnie (Dalhousie University)

Title: Meaningful Patient and Parent Engagement in Pediatric Chronic Pain Research

Discussant: Jennifer Rabbitts (Seattle Children's Hospital)


March 16, 2018

Presenter: Roses Parker (London South Bank University)

Title: Parental management of children's cancer-related pain at home

Discussant: Lindsay Jibb (University of Toronto)


April 20, 2018

Presenter: Randi Dovland Andersen (Karolinska Institutet)

Title: Do you see my pain? Aspects of pain assessment in pre- and early verbal children

Discussant: Kenneth Craig (University of British Columbia)


May 18, 2018

Presenter: Ligyana Korki de Candido (University of São Paulo)

Title: Effectiveness of an instructional video targeted to parents on neonatal pain management for newborn screening test: a non-randomized, pragmatic clinical trial

Discussant: Marsha Campbell-Yeo (Dalhousie University)


June 15, 2018

Presenter: Lara Genik (University of Guelph)

Title: A randomized controlled trial of a pain training program for respite workers supporting children with developmental disabilities

Discussant: Frank Symons (University of Minnesota) 


September 21, 2018

Presenter: Thiago Silva (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Title: Nursing care to hospitalized child with chronic cancer pain

Discussant: Lindsay Jibb (University of Toronto)


October 19, 2018

Presenter: Liana Albuquerque da Silva

Title: Neonatal Pain and the Neurobehavior of Preterm Newborns

Discussant: Ruth Grunau (University of British Columbia)


November 16, 2018

Presenter: Karin Schenk

Title: Individual Contextual Factors in the Validation of the Bernese Pain Scale for Neonates

Discussant: Shelly-Anne Li (University of Toronto)


December 14, 2018

Presenter: Erin Brown

Title: The impact of trauma in parent-child behaviour during paediatric burn dressing changes.

Discussant: Anna Wilson (Oregon Health & Science University)