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Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Residency and Fellowship

Our division has two training programs.  To be eligible for these opportunities, all candidates must be enrolled in, or have completed a residency program in either Paediatrics or Emergency Medicine.

The Royal College Accredited Program is open to trainees who are enrolled in programs recognized by the RCPSC and are fulfilling the requirements for primary discipline certification or for certification of special competence.

The Clinical Fellowship Program (non-RCSPC accredited) provides an opportunity for specific training in Paediatric Emergency Medicine to candidates whose medical training was completed outside of North America. In order to apply, they must have a specialty certification in Paediatrics from their country of training. Although the training is non-RCSPSC accredited, it will be comparable to trainees at a similar level in our institution.  A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the training period.

To learn more about the types of training offered, please see below: