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Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Paediatric Emergency Medicine


As a trainee in our ED, you will encounter children with a wide variety of medical, surgical, psychiatric and social problems, each of which is unique in the context of the individual child. You will meet patients and families from a wide range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and with a broad variety of expectations relating to their care in emergency services. To work in a busy, multidisciplinary clinical setting will allow you to develop critical decision making and communication skills. You will have opportunities to refine your approach to the sick, injured and often anxious child, allowing you to learn how to perform a proper assessment and provide care in a sensitive and caring manner.

Our job is to provide appropriate emergency care and help children and their families.  It is our role to identify and manage common problems efficiently and effectively, recognize possible uncommon or rare conditions, provide appropriate emergency care and help families when care might be better given in a different setting, such as by their primary care provider or an outpatient clinic.

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