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Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Paediatric Emergency Medicine


An Essential, New Reference from The Hospital for Sick Children!

Hospital For Sick Children Handbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Handbook cover


Suzan Schneeweiss, MDMed FRCPC
Amina Lalani, MD, FRCPC

ISBN-13: 978-0-7637-5049-7
ISBN-10: 0-7637-5049-2
Paperback • 560 Pages • © 2007

Written by emergency staff at SickKids, this handbook features 68 concise chapters covering assessment and management of emergency paediatric illness and injury. Arranged by body system for quick reference, this book will allow the reader to instantly access key topics, with up-to-date evidence based management.

The SickKids Handbook is intended as a tool that can be used at the bedside, covering both resuscitation and major medical emergencies, surgical problems, and minor procedures in the emergency setting. It is an excellent resource for both the office practitioner and emergency physician caring for the acutely ill or injured child. Information is presented in easy to read concise bulleted format and tables and illustrations. Special chapters on minor trauma, pain and sedation, and psychosocial emergencies provide practical, “real-world” clinical guidelines on these common emergent situations

The Hospital for Sick Children Handbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is the absolute must-have resource for every paediatric caregiver.

Key Sections for The Hospital for Sick Children Handbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine:

  • Resuscitation
  • Common dermatology problems with illustrations
  • System specific emergencies including cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal, orthopedic, burns, neonatal, fever in the infant, child abuse, pain and sedation, and emergency procedures with illustrations
  • Quick reference medication guide for resuscitation
  • Background relevant information on diseases
  • Advanced management including evidence based guidelines and current controversies
  • AHA, AAP and CPS guidelines

Brief Table of Contents:

Part 1—Resuscitation
Part II—Head and Neck Emergencies
Part III—Respiratory Emergencies
Part IV—Cardiac Emergencies
Part V—Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Part VI—Genitourinary Emergencies
Part VII—Infectious Emergencies
Part VIII—Hematologic/Oncologic Emergencies
Part IX—Rheumatologic Emergencies
Part X—Endocrine Emergencies
Part XI—Neurologic Emergencies
Part XII—Gynecologic Emergencies
Part XIII—Dermatology
Part XIV—Environmental Emergencies
Part XV—Minor Trauma
Part XVI—Pain and Sedation
Part XVII—Psychosocial Emergencies

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