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Paediatric Emergency Medicine
Paediatric Emergency Medicine

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The Division of Paediatric Emergency Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children offers tertiary and quaternary level emergency, and Level 1 trauma services to the paediatric population of central Ontario, specifically the Greater Toronto Area. We also offer primary and secondary level services to our local population of downtown Toronto.

Our services range from assessment and treatment of “walk-in” patients, to resuscitation of a severe trauma patient, to assessment and stabilization of the child with a chronic condition prior to admission. Patient care needs may be any combination of medical, surgical, psychiatric or social in nature. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary team and include care by ED paediatricians or subspecialist paediatric emergentologists, subspecialty consultation, primary care and urgent follow-up as required. All services, including laboratory and the full range of diagnostics relevant to ED care, are available 24 hours a day.

In addition we also are the training site for a large number of medical trainees (over 250 last year); from medical students to fifth year emergency medicine residents, who rotate through the ED to receive their educational experience in paediatrics and paediatric emergency medicine. In addition we also have a large fellowship program in paediatric emergency medicine. The ED continues to expand clinical research in the management of paediatric acute illnesses.

Phone: 416-813-5807
Fax: 416-813-7038
Location: Main floor, Atrium

Interim Division Head

Jason Fischer

Staff Physicians

Krishna Anchala
Iwona Baran
Suzanne Beno
Kathy Boutis
Adrienne Davis
Yousef Etoom
Jabeen Fayyaz
Vicky Fera
Yaron Finkelstein
Claudio Fregonas
Mireille Gharib
Greg Harvey
Anna Jarvis
Anna Kempinska
Charisse Kwan
Michelle Lee
Sasha Litwin
Lianne McLean
Trent Mizzi
Olivia Ostrow
Jonathan Pirie
Tania Principi
Savithiri Ratnapalan
Vanessa Razack
Daniel Rosenfield
Suzan Schneeweiss
Deborah Schonfeld
Suzanne Schuh
Dennis Scolnik
Laura Simone
Mark Tessaro