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Paediatric Medicine
Paediatric Medicine

Complex Care Program


The Complex Care Vision/Philosophy

  • The Complex Care team strives to achieve excellence in care delivery and coordination for children with complex health needs.


What is Complex Care?

  • A team of health-care consultants who specialize in the care of children with complex health needs.  We work together with your primary care physician to link community and hospital care services.
  • Children with complex health needs, also referred to as children with medical complexity include, but are not limited to children with:
            - Multiple health concerns and needs
            - Multiple services and specialists involved in care
            - Multiple medications
            - Often rely on medical technology (such as feeding tubes or oxygen) in day to day living.
            - Frequently visits to the emergency department or admission to hospital
  • The team does not focus on one specific disease, but rather on the consequences of many.