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Paediatric Medicine
Paediatric Medicine

Members of the Complex Care Program

The Complex Care Team is made up of a group of staff physicians, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, information coordinators and a clinical director.

Clinical Director, Paediatric Medicine, Complex Care and Strategic Projects

The Clinical Director is accountable for administrative and fiscal oversight of the program, as well as strategic leadership in partnership with clinical program leads.

Medical Leads

The medical leads of the Complex Care team provide leadership in guidance, program development, mentorship, research and quality improvement related to caring for children with medical complexity.

Administrative Program Coordinator

  • Cindy Groff

Physician Team

The paediatricians within the Complex Care team are academic paediatricians at SickKids with an expertise in caring for children with medical complexity. They are leaders in clinical care delivery, research and care coordination in this patient population

Nurse Practitioners

The nurse practitioners (NP) within the complex care team will be the primary point of contact for patients and their families who are followed in the outpatient program at SickKids and satellite complex care clinics. The NP is available for consultation in clinic, by phone or email to address chronic and acute health-care concerns. The NP will work with you and your child to ensure that needs are clearly identified and address active and long term health-care concerns. The NP will collaborate with your child's other care providers to facilitate open communication and promote collaborative plans of care. You will work with your child's NP to develop mutually agreed upon goals of care and a collaborative care plan.

Social Worker

Social workers perform a wide range of functions, from psychosocial support, counseling, and instrumental material support, to management services and academic research. The social worker for the complex care program provides specialized expertise in the psychosocial interventions essential for the overall plan of care for children with medical complexity.

  • Kathy Netten
  • Ashley Edwards

Patient Information Coordinator

The Patient Information Coordinator is the point of contact for patients and their families for any nonmedical concerns. Their role includes booking and streamlining patient appointments, coordination of procedures, organizing case conference meetings between multiple specialists and sharing patient care plans with relevant practitioners, and facilitating prescriptions and applications. 

Clinical Dietitian

The Clinical Dietitian on the complex care team has a specialized knowledge base and understanding for nutritional needs for children with medical complexity. Their expertise lies within multiple domains including enteral and parental feeding, blenderized tube feeding and micronutrient requirements in children with medical complexity. They are an integral part of the care team and take an active role in terms of nutrition and health in this population providing both inpatient and outpatient support.

  • Laura Vresk

Clinical Research Staff

The Clinical Research Project Coordinator supports the complex care team by coordinating research studies. Their role includes assisting principal investigators and research team members with patient/participant recruitment and data collection, as well as collaborating in the data analysis stages.

  • Clara Moore - Research Manager
  • Arpita Parmar - Research Coordinator
  • Cynthia Fleming - Research Assistant
  • Kayla Esser - Research Assistant