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Paediatric Medicine
Paediatric Medicine

Lotus Health

Lotus Health is a health and advocacy program for children and youth under the age of 18 years who have experienced, are currently experiencing, or may be at risk of experiencing commercial sexual exploitation or trafficking (engagement in a sex act in exchange for something of value).

We are a multidisciplinary healthcare team who provides medical and mental health services and works closely with community partners to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care.

At Lotus Health, we are dedicated to preventing and healing the harmful effects of sex trafficking. We strive to create a culture of equity and inclusion. Our services are provided within survivor-centred, trauma-informed, developmentally-sensitive, harm-reduction framework.

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Contact us

Call or text: 437-226-3579
Email: lotus.health@sickkids.ca
Calls, texts and emails will be returned within one business day.

Urgent concerns: Call 416-813-7500 and ask for SCAN. There is a team member on-call 24 hours per day.

This project has been supported by Women and Gender Equality Canada.