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Paediatric Medicine
Paediatric Medicine

Who we are


Michelle Shouldice - Division Head

Full-Time Staff:

Hosanna Au - Staff Paediatrician

Carolyn Beck - Staff Paediatrician, Director, Inpatient Units

Stacey Bernstein - Staff Paediatrician, Director, Undergraduate Medical Education

Catherine Birken - Staff Paediatrician

Zia Bismilla - Staff Paediatrician

Trey Coffey - Staff Paediatrician

Eyal Cohen - Staff Paediatrician

Emma Cory - Staff Paediatrician, Co-Director, SCAN Program

Jeremy Friedman - Staff Paediatrician

Astrid Guttmann - Staff Paediatrician

Irene Lara-Corrales - Staff Paediatrician, Section of Dermatology

Sanjay Mahant - Staff Paediatrician, Associate Director Fellowship Programs

Charlotte Moore Hepburn - Staff Paediatrician

Katherine Nelson - Staff Paediatrician (PACT)

Julia Orkin - Staff Paediatrician

Patricia Parkin - Staff Paediatrician, Division Research Director

Elena Pope - Staff Paediatrician and Dermatologist, Director, Section of Dermatology

Daniel Roth - Staff Paediatrician - Global Health

Natasha Saunders - Staff Paediatrician

Sarah Schwartz - Staff Paediatrician, Director, Ambulatory Program; Fellowship Program Director

Shawna Silver - Staff Paediatrician

Susanna Talarico - Staff Paediatrician

Michael Weinstein - Staff Paediatrician, Director, Department of Paediatrics Fellowship Program; Division Education Program

Major Part-Time Staff:

Mark Feldman - Director, University of Toronto Section of Community Paediatrics; Continuing Education Director-Department of Paediatrics

Astrid Guttmann - Staff Paediatrician

Moshe Ipp - Staff Paediatrician

Paul Kadar - Staff Paediatrician (Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN)

Christine Newman - Staff Paediatrician (Paediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT)

Adam Rapoport - Staff Paediatrician, Director, Paediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT)

Kevin Weingarten - Staff Paediatrician, Paediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT)

Miriam Weinstein - Staff Paediatrician, Section of Dermatology

Part-Time Staff:

Nirit Bernhard - Staff Paediatrician

Tony Barozzino - Staff Paediatrician

Nhung Ho - Dermatologist

Marissa Joseph, Staff Paediatrician and Dermatologist

Perla Lansang - Staff Paediatrician and Dermatologist

Jonathon Maguire - Staff Paediatrician

Christine Newman - Staff Paediatrician

Michael Sgro - Staff Paediatrician

Kevin Weingarten - Staff Paediatrician

Saul Greenberg - Staff Paediatrician

Administrative Staff

Cindy Groff, Admin Coordinator, Complex Care - supports Drs. E. Cohen, & J. Orkin

Genie Lima, Education Program, Admin Assistant – supports Drs. S. Talarico and J. Johnstone 

Jenny Loor, Admin Coordinator, PACT (Paediatric Advanced Care Team) -supports Drs. A. Rapoport, and K. Weingarten

Sarah Fortino, Admin Coordinator, Inpatient Unit - supports Drs. C. Beck and M. Weinstein

Shanaz Karim, Admin Assistant, - supports Drs. M. Van den Heuvel, B. Gamulka, N. Mistry, S. Silver, J. Vallipuram

Donna Whitely, Admin Assistant - supports Drs. P. Parkin, CS. Birken, S. Mahant - also provides support for the Divisional Research Program (formerly PORT – Paediatric Outcomes Research Team)

Erin Crawford, Admin Assistant, Research - supports Drs. P. Gill, A. Fuller, A. Guttmann, C. Moore-Hepburn and N. Saunders

Janny Lacroix, Admin Assistant, SCAN - supports Drs. S. Schwartz, P. Kadar,  E. Cory, P. Kadar, J. Smith, T. Smith,and R. Cho -  also support  SCAN clinical activities

Ashley Baiao – Divisional Administrative Lead - supports Dr. M. Shouldice

Nimo Jama, Admin Assistant – supports Drs. S. Bernstein, N. Bernstein, Z. Bismilla and L. Premji

Shannon Brass, Admin Assistant – supports Drs. J. Friedman and T. Coffey

Cara Baluyat,  Education Administrative Coordinator, Dermatology - supports Dr. E. Pope

Carly Ramirez, Admin Assistant, Dermatology - supports Drs. I. Lara-Corrales, R. Levy, A. Pennal and M. Weinstein

Nadeera Carranza, Admin Assistant, PACT - supports Drs. J. Humphreys and S. Lord 

Research Support Staff

Sarah Carsley - Graduate Student (PORT/TARGet Kids! Programs)

Hanna Fadzeyeva - Clinical Research Assistant (Dermatology)

Shelly-Anne Li - Clinical Research Project Assistant

Natalie Weiser - Clinical Research Project Coordinator (Complex Care Program)