Quality Improvement Plan

Quality and patient safety is one of the key priorities at SickKids, particularly in our strategic directions, Building Connections, Accelerating Impact: 2015-2020

Our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), which outlines our quality and safety priorities, is one of the tools we use to communicate and track our performance.  For our patient and families, the plan represents our commitment to ensuring the care and services we provide are accessible, effective, safe, patient centred, and promote an integrated health system.

Each year, in accordance with the Excellent Care for All Act (2010), we post our QIP publicly and submit it to the provincial government so they can improve care across the health system.  

Learn more about some of our quality and patient safety goals (with more to come):

 Hand Hygiene      Medication Reconciliation     Pain Management 

Full QIP

Our QIP has three parts:

  • Narrative - a brief overview of our quality goals.
  • Work plan - a detailed description of our quality goals, measures, targets, and improvement plans.
  • Progress report - an update on our performance of last year’s quality improvement goals.