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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Research activities

The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is committed to excellence in plastic surgery and craniofacial research. Our research mission is to conduct clinical, translational and basic science research that aims to improve the quality of life of children and families with congenital and acquired conditions of the skin, head, neck, face and upper extremities.

The Division takes pride in our basic science and clinical researchers who are recognized locally and internationally for their innovations. Our team includes senior and associate scientists, principal investigators, clinical researchers, plastic surgery and craniofacial research fellows, research medical students, summer students and a clinical research coordinator.



Learn more about the Division's current research studies, in areas such as:

    • Optimal Timing of a Cleft Palate Repair
    • Sensory Outcome After Nerve Injury in Children
    • Concurrent Validity of the Brachial Plexus Outcome Measure
    • Sensory Function of Children with Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy
    • Changes in β-catenin levels in pediatric acute burn wound healing and hypertrophic burn scars


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