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SickKids doctors treat baby with rare skull condition

Excerpted from story on Global News, by Carmen Chai and Crystal Goomansingh:  

SickKids patient Bella, was born was frontonasal dysplasia – a skull condition so rare, doctors say it occurs in one of every 100,000 births. Some babies born with the condition have a flat, wide skull, their eyes wide-set. In Bella’s case, a part of her skull had fused in place, leaving little room for her brain to develop.

“The structure of the skull which allows the growth of the skull has fused prematurely and if we allow this to continue to grow on its own, she would run into some serious issues in terms of skull shape,” Dr. Christopher Forrest, Head of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, explained.

He made an incision in Bella’s skull and attached “destractors” on both sides of her head. They’re akin to little antennas – kind of like braces – that apply gentle pressure to create more space to reshape the baby’s head. Twice a day, her parents turned the antennas to help with the reshaping.

SickKids is considered a world leader for its Craniofacial program. Forrest says the hospital will do about three of these intricate procedures each year. Forrest receives emails from families around the world asking for his opinion on their unique circumstances.


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