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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Meet Our Burn Team


The Burn Team is composed of a talented group of professionals from multiple disciplines:

  • Medical Director
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Rehab Team
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Research
  • 8C Inpatient Unit
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Social Work
  • Out-Patient Clinic Nurse
  • Dietitian



Dr. Fish graduated from McMaster Medical School in 1986 and completed his Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Specialty training in Plastic Surgery at the University of Toronto, Department of Surgery in 1994. Fish specializes in burns and complex wound care and currently is the Medical Director of the Burn Program at SickKids since 2009. His research work in burn depth is done collaboratively with the National Research Council of Canada based in Winnipeg using near Infrared technology. 

Dr. Fish also ran a specialty clinic for survivors of electrical injury which is the one of its kind in Canada at the St. Johns Rehabilitation Hospital where he also held the position of Medical Director of the Workers Compensation Burn Specialty Program for more than ten years and also served as the Chief Medical Officer for 2.5 years. Dr. Fish was the Medical Director of the adult burn unit at the Sunnybrook Hospital (Ross Tilley Burn Centre) for 13 years. He is actively involved in the Division of Plastic Surgery as a member of the Executive Committee and was the Research Director for the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for many years. Joel Fish was appointed as a Royal College Examiner for the specialty of Plastic Surgery in 2009.


Charis Kelly is a nurse practitioner who specializes in the treatment of pediatric burns. A nurse practitioner is a masters-level trained nurse (Queen’s University, Masters of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner designation, 2004) which allows her to independently provide comprehensive care to pediatric burn patients and their families throughout the entire continuum of care. She has worked at SickKids since 2000 and has been the Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in the Burn/Plastic Surgery Program since 2007. 

Charis specifically helps coordinate inpatient care as well as discharge patients and follows many children and their families in her independently run Nurse Practitioner Burn Clinic outpatient clinic. Charis is highly skilled at providing pain and anxiety management for this vulnerable population ensuring optimal quality of care. She focuses on treating the paediatric burn population as well as children with complex wounds and skin conditions. She has played a valuable role having SickKids recognized as the first Verified Paediatric Burn Program in Canada. 

Charis also has actively developed our Laser Therapy Program for Burn Scar Modulation, making SickKids the first paediatric facility to provide this therapy in Canada. She is a member of the American Burn Association and sits on their Burn Prevention Committee. Charis is Chair of the Burn Prevention Outreach Committee at SickKids as well as annual participation at the Annual Burn Family Day, Burn Family Picnic and numerous Burn Prevention Education events in partnership with the Toronto Firefighters.


Lisa Lazzarotto is an Occupational Therapist on the burn team and has been working with burn survivors at SickKids for 10 years. She received her degree from the University of Toronto and has specialized training in the rehabilitation of hand injuries. She has a status position at the University of Toronto where she regularly teaches burn care as well as splinting skills. 

On the burn team, Lisa specializes in scar management where she helps to minimize the formation of scarring after a burn and assists in improving the final outcome of the scar by providing compression garments, recommending silicone treatment or refining massage techniques. She also may be required to fabricate a custom splint on a child to help them to maintain or regain movement. Lisa supports the child and family throughout the rehabilitation phase after a burn injury, referring to other team members as required and linking families to important supports, such as Camp Bucko. 

Lisa is the co-chair of the Burn Program Family Picnic Day, an annual event bringing families together to connect and have a great time with others who have experienced burn injury.


Dana has been an Occupational Therapist at SickKids for 15 years. She is a member of the Burn Team and has worked in several other programs throughout the hospital during her career. She has attended the Canadian Burn Meeting/ Symposium and is a participant and organizer of the Burn Family Picnic. She completed her Masters in Health Science and Leadership at the University of Athabasca and her Occupational Therapy degree at McGill University.


Jamil Lati has been a Physiotherapist at SickKids since 1999, and specifically treating children with burn injuries since 2000. He has been involved in the burn prevention program, and has participated in burn conferences. Recently, he has focused on the development of the measurement and rehabilitation of children’s hands after a burn injury. Physiotherapists provide assessment and treatment to individuals with movement dysfunction related to musculoskeletal, neurological and/or cardiorespiratory conditions. PTs focus on optimizing movement potential and function, promoting health, and educating the patient and family regarding their rehabilitation needs. They use a variety of assessment and treatment techniques including exercise prescription, movement facilitation, therapeutic modalities, education and health promotion, as well as other forms of hands on therapy.


Julie Keagan is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a Master of Social Work Degree. Julie has been a social worker in health care since 2002 and at SickKids in the Trauma and Plastic Surgery Programs since 2008. Julie has recently joined the Burn Program and brings commitment and expertise in providing crisis and trauma therapy to children and families who have experienced traumatic injuries. Her passion for her work has led her to become a member of the Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT) a multidisciplinary response team; providing crisis interventions to individuals involved in incidents of mass disasters or casualties, a position she has held since 2010. Julie is Co-Chair of the Family Information and Support Centre committee as part of the Disaster Planning at SickKids. Additionally, Julie is committed to life-long education and is involved in supervising MSW Interns.


Helen Oppenheimer is a certified child life specialist and has been at SickKids since 2014. She currently provides child life services to both the Burns and Plastic Surgery program as well as the Medical Day Care Unit. Helen graduated from Brock University with a child health degree and went on to complete her Child Life Studies diploma from McMaster University and is internationally certified with the Association of Child Life Professionals. 

As a Child Life Specialist, Helen helps both patients and their siblings with adjusting to the hospital environment and promoting a more positive experience. Play is the number one tool for a child life specialist and through play, Helen offers opportunities for children to express their feelings, better understand their hospital experience and feel more prepared for medical procedures. Helen also offers procedural support to children both during the acute phase of the burn as an inpatient, and continues to provide support as an outpatient in the rehabilitation phase; helping to develop individualized coping strategies.


Veronika Langos is a registered dietitian. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences, and Human Biology (and a minor in French!). She completed her dietetic internship at The Toronto Hospital. Prior to working at SickKids, she worked with adults on dialysis for a number of years. She then left the adult population and worked as a paediatric dietitian at Toronto East General for a year and realized her love of paediatrics. She joined SickKids 15 years ago and has gained experience in a variety of areas (dialysis, Trauma, Neurosurgery and GI). She has been a member of the Burn Team for about 10 years now, and also provides coverage in the other services in the Plastics Department: Cleft Lip and Palate and Craniofacial Disorders as well as Orthopaedics. 

Her involvement with burn patients varies depending on the extent of the burn: she may counsel minor burns on adequate nutrition, advise patients with larger burns (and their families) how to increase their calorie and protein intake to help heal in the best way possible, as well as recommend appropriate supplemental feeds for major burns, where nutrition is compromised and they need optimal nutrition with tube feeds.


Jennifer Zuccaro is the Clinical Research Coordinator in the Burn Unit. She is responsible for organizing burn-related research studies also coordinates patient recruitment, organizes data collection, and prepares study results for publication. The research that is conducted in the Burn Unit spans the entire burn injury experience as the current studies range from investigating acute burn wounds to evaluating patient outcomes. At present, several of our most innovative research studies are focused on investigating the use of laser therapy for scar modulation.


Sandy Davies is the Clinical and Administrative Coordinator for the Medical Director of the Burn Program at SickKids. She has worked with burn survivors for 15 years at Sunnybrook Hospital and for the past five years at SickKids. Sandy is involved with various aspects of administration for the program as well as the coordinating of the bookings of surgeries, dressing changes, procedures, and laser treatments. One of the best aspects of my role is being able to be very involved on several Burn Program committees such as Family Day for burn survivors and their families, Burn Picnic and Burn Prevention.



Sandy Davies
Senior Administrative Assistant for Dr. Joel Fish, Medical Director
416-813-7654 ext. 228198

8C Clerk
416-813-7654 press 1 then ext. 6932

Out-Patient Clinic
416-813-7654 press 1 and then ext. 4982

Referrals Coordinator
Melinda Coady
416-813-7654 ext. 8879

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