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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Facial Paralysis Program

The Facial Paralysis Program at SickKids provides state of the art micro surgical reconstruction to animate the paralyzed face. Facial paralysis in children can be one-sided (unilateral) or involve both sides (bilateral).

It can be congenital, meaning present at birth, and unilateral as in developmental facial palsy or bilateral as in Mobius syndrome. It can also be acquired from head and facial injuries, a consequence of brain tumours or of complex facial surgery.

Whatever the cause, the SickKids team is ready to help, has unparallelled expertise and is in the forefront of advanced clinical care and innovation where needed. Our facial paralysis clinic is run by Dr. Greg Borschel and Dr. Ron Zuker who are experienced microsurgeons. They use nerve transfers, nerve grafts,  muscle transplants and innovative reanimation techniques to achieve the desired result.

Our coordinator is Elizabeth Greczylo who can facilitate appointments at convenient times. We also have a specialist occupational therapist to help our patients maximize the benefits of surgery. Our clinics are held monthly and involve this multidisciplinary approach. We would be pleased to see your child in consultation and discuss our approach in detail.