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camptodactyly hand with swollen crooked pinky joint

What is camptodactyly?

Camptodactyly refers to abnormal bending of the middle joint of a finger. While it is most common in the little finger, it may also be present in any other finger or fingers. Camptodactyly does not usually cause any functional problems in day to day activities.

How common is this?

Less than 1% of the population have camptodactyly.
67% of cases involve both hands.
It occurs equally in males and females.
It most often presents itself in infancy, but can show up in adolescence.

Why does this occur?

Most cases occur randomly, but it can be genetic. A very mild form of camptodactyly is often seen in one of the parents of affected children.

What are the treatment options?

The best treatment is a program of stretching and splinting. This will be discussed with your surgeon and occupational therapist.