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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


What is Clinodactyly?

Clinodactyly is the sideways bending of a finger joint. It is often caused by an abnormally shaped bone within the finger. Clinodactyly of the small finger is the most common. Bending of up to 10 degrees is considered normal.

How common is this?

Clinodactyly is more common in males.

Why does this occur?

It is thought that clinodactyly is genetically inherited. Inherited types of clinodactyly usually affect both hands.

What are the treatment options?

Children with clinodactyly rarely have any difficulties with function in their daily activities. Surgery is only recommended if the finger(s) with clinodactyly poses any problems in the child’s function. Simple forms of clinodactyly (<45 degrees) do not require treatment. For fingers joints with greater deformity, a surgical procedure that removes part of the abnormal bone in the finger can help straighten the finger. The occupational therapist and plastic surgeon will discuss with you the best option for your child.