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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Constriction Band Syndrome

What is Constriction Band Syndrome?

Constriction ring syndrome is a condition that may cause amputation, webbing of fingers or toes (syndactyly) and rings around the skin of the arms or legs.

How Common is This?

One in 15,000 children are born with constriction ring syndrome.

Why Does This Occur?

This is caused by a defect in the amnion (i.e. sac around the baby during pregnancy). It is believed that defects in the amnion causes strands of this sac to become loose and wrap around limbs or fingers/toes of the developing baby during pregnancy. It is not thought to be inherited.

What are The Treatment Options?

Treatment of constriction band syndrome is specific to each patient, since no two are alike. The Plastic Surgeon and Occupational Therapist  will discuss with you the best options for your child.