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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


What is Macrodactyly?

Macrodactyly is the overgrowth of the structures in the finger.

What are the Different Types of Macrodactyly?

There are two types of macrodactyly.

Static macrodactyly is where the affected enlarged finger grows at the same rate as the other fingers. For example, if the enlarged fingeris 20% larger than the other fingers, it will continue to be 20% larger than the other fingers as the child grows.

Progressive macrodactyly usually starts out as a regular sized finger, but begins to grow in early childhood. The finger continues to grow larger than the other fingers.

Why does this occur?

Macrodactyly is not thought to be inherited. However, some forms of macrodactyly can be inherited if it occurs with a syndrome.

What are the treatment options?

Surgery to reduce the bulk of the enlarged finger is not always effective. Sometimes amputation of the finger must be considered if the finger becomes extremely large. The Plastic Surgeon and Occupational Therapist  will discuss with you the best options for your child.