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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


What is Symphalangism?

Symphalangism is stiffness of a finger at any joint. It is most commonly occurs in the middle joint of the finger.

How Common is This?

Symphalangism makes up less than one percent (0.6%) of all congenital hand anomalies. It occurs most commonly in Caucasians and occasionally in Asians.

Why Does This Occur?

Some cases of symphalangism are inherited. This type of symhalangism usually affects both hands.

What are the Treatment Options?

It is not usually possible to make a new, functioning joint between two bones which have already been fused together. Surgery is only recommended if the symphalangism is causing any functional problems in the affected finger(s). The Plastic Surgeon and Occupational Therapist will discuss with you the best options for your child.