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Programs and Services

Tails in the Bear Theatre

Welcome to the award winning Tails at SickKids' Bear Theatre.

This is the the first ever regular and continuous children's theatre where, since July 1992 a group of health care professionals and volunteers perform weekly a musical for hospitalized children and their families. In July 2006 Tails company celebrated 700 shows.


Tails - A Fairy Tale on Furry Tails is the award-winning musical that has been performed by SickKids staff and volunteers since July 1992. Tails has helped ease the anxiety and sadness of over 30,000 hospitalized children and their parents with shows each Thursday night at 6 p.m. in the hospital's Bear Theatre. It tells the story of Honey Bun; a rabbit who discovers that being different from others has its own rewards. The play's caring message is also winning audiences at Miller's Children's Hospital in California and Schneider National Children's Hospital in Israel, where Tails has been playing to patients since 1996 and 1999, respectively.

"Everyone is special in his own way" (Tails teller)

"You should be proud of who you are, and dont try to be somebunny else"

"Doctor's play takes away pain from kids faces" (The Toronto Star)

"I believe Tails had a lot to do with the cure of my daughter's cancer. We still watch the video and sing all the songs every night 4 years later" (Parent)

"Tails on Thursday at 6pm is the highest point of my week" (Dr Gidi Koren, "Tails" author and director)