Programs and Services
Programs and Services


Imagine if your doctor from SickKids could examine you without you leaving your community - that's what telemedicine is all about!

Telemedicine connects the health-care team at SickKids with patients and health-care professionals provincially, nationally, and internationally. All consultation requests must be scheduled through the Telemedicine Program. The telemedicine coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating all telemedicine consultations.

Telemedicine uses live interactive videoconferencing technology and high-speed telecommunications networks to facilitate patient consultation and professional medical education over large and small distances. By using two-way video cameras health-care professionals can communicate with each other, and with their patients, without having to travel. Valuable medical data can also be transferred electronically to the health-care team at SickKids at the time of the telemedicine appointment.  

The ability to provide health care services at a distance has many benefits as it provides increased access to medical specialty consultations, reduced travel time for patients and cost savings for families. Telemedicine enables professionals to maintain and enhance their continuing medical education.

View the Telemedicine presentation for more information.

The use of information communication technologies (ICT) to provide healthcare is considered an extension of SickKids' commitment:  Healthier Children. A Better World.