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The Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology is home to over 70 people with diverse experiences and backgrounds, including 51 staff and an approximately 15-20 students in various stages of graduate study.  Departmental meetings, Clinical Psychology Rounds, and a variety of informal gatherings throughout the year provide the opportunity for staff and students to meet and share ideas. 

Despite our large numbers, the department has sufficient office and testing space for all its members.  Interns share a large office, but have individual desk space and access to secretarial support.  Private office space can be reserved for individual assessments or therapy.  Other resources in the department include an observation/interview room with a one-way mirror for training purposes, a group therapy room and a comprehensive test library.   Interns also have access to the SickKids and University of Toronto libraries, and the hospital's on-line patient database with access terminals in every department.