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The Transplant Centre

SickKids Transplant Program

Anna Gold, Ph.D., C.Psych., Supervisor

Under the umbrella of the Paediatric Academic Multi-Organ Transplant Program (PAMOT), one of the largest pediatric transplant centres in Canada, many children each year with congenital or acquired organ deficits are assessed for and/or receive organ transplant. Currently the four organ transplant areas that receive a neuropsychological service include Heart, Lung, Liver and Kidney. Many of these children experience varying degrees of physical, sensory and neuropsychological impairment associated with the direct effect of organ failure and/or of their treatment. Referrals are made by any member of the four multi-disciplinary teams, and comprise a varied age and developmental range. Within this rotation, the intern will gain experience in administering a broad range of neuropsychological assessment tools, including cognitive, academic, behavioural and functional measures, patient and family interview, report writing and providing clinical feedback. A valuable outcome of the assessment is seen as the development of recommendations to assist with effective treatment management strategies, educational planning and to advocate for appropriate community /school based resources. Involvement in outpatient clinics, weekly multi-disciplinary rounds and research rounds are encouraged.